Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hiatus and Renewal

    What a rush! After a couple of months of getting back into the swing of teaching, and dealing with life hiccups, my year is winding down. We couldn't get a pelagic trip on account of the weather, and that, combined with some missed birds early in the year, kept me short of reaching the county record. Right now, I am 5 birds over my year goal, with a few easy birds left that I feel confident I can find by the end of the year.
    The most recent bird that I added to my list was a Say's Phoebe on Fort McKay Road outside of Sutherlin, found by Matt Hunter. I spent weeks in the spring driving through pastures in southern Douglas County, listening for its call, and scanning fence lines without luck. This was a nice bird to finally add to my year list, and my county life list.

Say's Phoebe
    Later that morning I found an interesting presumed hybrid American x Eurasian Wigeon at Ford's Pond.

With the Reddish Head

     My understanding is that a full Eurasian Wigeon would have a gray back and flanks. This bird's flanks are clearly brownish-red in this photo, and its back has an interesting offset line of brownish-red and gray in the following photo.

Gray and reddish-brown, on left.

     Eurasian Wigeon is a year bird I still hope to find, along with Long-Tailed Duck, Ancient Murrelet, and Barn Owl. After those, any other birds wold be a bonus.